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Beards for Military

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Our military is an ever changing force in readiness.  Some of these changes invoke more restrictions upon the military personnel.  Many of these cost the government a crap load of money, while the ones that are low cost get pushed to the wayside, at least it seems. 

All I want is to be able to grow a beard.  I want to grow long locks of love on my face that will make me feel like a manly man.  It is not something out of this world to ask. Grooming standards will still be in effect, but I just want facial hair that I can run my fingers through.  This is free of cost to the government and can have morale boosting potential for military members.

You must be thinking "What can the benefits be?" For starters it is a direct morale booster for troops.  When you look at yourself in the mirror while brushing your teeth and you see a manly man staring back at you then you feel like a manly man.  This in turn will produce manly man results in the work place and a new sense of pride that comes with it.  

Grooming standards you say?  Well, of course.  Example: Facial hair must be clean cut and neat at all time.  Facial hair must not be longer than ___ (you fill the blank).  Standards will still be maintained. 

"What about a chemical environment where a gas mask is needed?"  In environments where a chemical threat is possible JUST SHAVE.  If it is found later that no chemical threat is near then grow that manly beard right back out.  Easy day.


Think about it.

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