Request DOC halt the 2020-21 tahr cull and review the Himalayan Tahr Control Plan.

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Tahr are part of the fabric of New Zealand, they have been here for 116 years and were in Aoraki/Mt Cook before it was a national park. 

The Department of Conservation are about to embark on a massive operation to cull many thousands of tahr. It is proposed that nearly 400 hours of helicopter control will take place, 250 of which will be within the feral range. The operation will include the complete removal of tahr, including mature bulls, from Aoraki/Mt Cook and Westland Tai Poutini National Parks. This will effectively end recreational tahr hunting for thousands of Kiwis and cost jobs and the future of hunting-based businesses in regional South Island.

This operation is being undertaken following completely inadequate consultation and against the interests of the thousands of New Zealand and overseas hunters who so highly value the tahr hunting experience.

The Himalayan Tahr Control Plan 1993 set an introductory herd limit of 10,000 tahr and required DOC to scientifically establish the number of tahr which did not exceed acceptable levels of browse, while still providing a viable hunting resource. Over the last 27 years, they have never done this, nor reviewed the Plan as is also required.

Please support the NZ Tahr Foundation and all the people that so highly value these magnificent animals and let the Minister of Conservation and DOC know that you don't want them decimated here in NZ.

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