Don't Rip A Family Apart! Let Zannah be Adopted!

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11 month old Zannah needs help to allow the only parents she has ever known to adopt her. My best friend Amanda and her husband Josh are wonderful parents to their daughters Julissa, Deanna and Zannah.

When a friend of mine came to me and said she was pregnant but knew she could not support another child and wanted to put this child up for adoption, I knew I had to call Amanda.

Let me explain, Amanda has always wanted to be a mother and after many miscarriages, she had her daughter, Julissa. Amanda later had a son. She decided that her body could not take another pregnancy and she could not handle another miscarriage. After her son RJ was born, she had her tubes tied. Sadly 24 days was all she was able to spend with her son before he gained his wings. She was heartbroken and both her and her daughter went through grief counseling. Amanda decided that she would eventually adopt. She met Josh and they married, giving Amanda a step daughter.  When I called her about my friend who wanted to give a baby up for adoption, she immediately started planning for a new baby. My friend and Amanda talked and it was decided that this was going to happen. Amanda and her husband were going to adopt.

They helped the birth mother with what they could while she was pregnant while they tried to raise all the money they needed to make the adoption happen. The birth mother was visiting Amanda and Josh when she went into labor. Her water broke in their kitchen. Both Amanda and Josh were there for the birth of a beautiful baby girl that they named Zannah. After the birth, baby Zannah went home with Amanda and Josh. The birth mother needed some help still, so they agreed to have the brith family move in with them for some time. This included not just the birth mother, but the birth father and their 3 children.

Eventually the birth family moved in with their own family, leaving Zannah with Amanda & Josh, although the adoption was not finalized. Amanda and Josh worked tirelessly to come up with enough money for the adoption. They have spent all of their savings and gone through every credit card you can imagine to have enough money for this adoption. The debt they are in, is worth it for this little girl, but now they may have to give her up.

After the home study was concluded, the case manager said it was almost perfect, and that the report was glowing. The case manager said they did not see any reason that they should not be able to adopt.

Amanda and Josh were open about what had happened in the past and still the case worker said it was nothing to worry about. Friday, January 8, 2016, Amanda and Josh received a phone call, saying they would NOT be able to finalize the adoption and would have to give Zannah up due to non full disclosure, even though they fully disclosed everything to the best of their knowledge.

Zannah is about to turn 11 months old. She has been with them since Day 1. She calls them Mama & Dada. She gets excited when her sisters come home from school. In the 11 months,Zannah has reached all of her milestones. She is talking, rolling over, crawling, and recently started pulling herself up. She is a very happy baby who is loved so very much.

The birth family chose Amanda and Josh to be this little girls Mommy & Daddy. Their wishes are being ignored. Amanda & Josh refuse to give up on Zannah. That is their little girl. They have contacted another agency who thinks that they can help and cannot understand why they are being told no. They need to raise some more money and are working again to raise more money to fight for their daughter. 

I'm hoping that people will read their story and sign this petition to show that they understand a parent's love for a child that is not their's by blood, but by love. I think we can get enough signatures on here and that will help their case. Please, show your support. It would be cruel to remove this child from the only home she has ever known, where she is happy, loved and excelling. It would be cruel to not only baby Zannah, but to Julissa, Deanna, Amanda and Josh. Don't rip this family apart!


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