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Department of Alcohol Beverage ControlSan Francisco District Office: Deny Off-sale liquor license transfer at 2801 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

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Our primary reasons for requesting the denial is the Owner's moral character (racial discrimination and sexual harassment) and the over-saturation of liquor establishments in the neighborhood.

 Moral Character/Racial Discrimination/Sexual Harassment:

Yaron Milgrom, the applicant and owner of “Local’s Corner”, “Mission Local Eatery” and “Local Mission Market” has proven to be an irresponsible business owner and is currently facing complaints of racial discrimination and sexual harassment. 


The racial discrimination complaint involved a long-term Latino family that was denied a seat at Yaron’s Local’s Corner restaurant on 23rd/Bryant.  The Cuadra family walked in to the mostly empty restaurant and where flatly told that they would not be accommodated and to go elsewhere.  No explanation or justification was given to the family. This incident has created a division within our community where long-term local residents are treated as outsiders.


A sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed in Superior Court by an employee of Yaron Milgron’s Local Mission Eatery on 24th Street/Folsom.  The employee was fired five days after formally meeting with Yaron Milgron to complain about the sexual harassment incidents that occurred in his restaurant.


This is the same owner is trying to open the liquor store at 22nd and Florida St. under a guise of a beer and organic wine shop.


Over-saturation of Liquor Establishments in the Mission:

The over-saturation of liquor establishments is an important quality of life issue for our community. We, as neighbors and residents, are concerned with the adverse impacts of alcohol consumption on the health of Mission District residents.


The Mission District has one of the highest concentrations of off-sale liquor

establishments in San Francisco.


The location is in the middle of a residential neighborhood with numerous off-sale

liquor establishments: Samy's Market at 24th/Bryant, Kings Market at 22nd/Bryant,

Serve-U Market at 21st/Bryant, Norm's Market at 20th/Bryant, Mission Groceteria

at 23rd/Alabama, GGP Market at 24th/Alabama, W-K Market at 24th/Folsom, Issac

Market at 22nd Folsom, Maurice's Market at 23rd/Treat. These establishments are

within a block or several blocks walking distance from the subject location at



A moratorium was established for the Mission District in the mid-90's to prevent the

proliferation and expansion as well as the reduction of off-sale liquor


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