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Ban gas chambers and heartsick for the killing of shelter animals

The term euthanasia means "good death," and gas chambers and heartsick methods of killing companion animals are hardly forms of euthanasia. In the gas chamber, animals are crammed in together where they cry, gasp for air and lose control of their bodily functions for 25-30 minutes, fully conscious, before they die. Heartstick is no better with a worker attempting to lodge a needle directly into an animal's heart causing incredible pain. In an era where EBI injection is so readily available, less expensive, and safer to shelter workers, why are NC shelters still allowed to use these archaic methods of torture on these harmless animals? Out of the states that still allow these practices, NC is one of the top offenders. Please have some compassion on these poor trusting souls and give them the peaceful death they deserve. If anyone is interested in reading a letter from a man who works at a gassing facility in NC, you can find it on Take Action Ban Animal Gas Chamber's Facebook page. It is a solemn reminder of the sweet nature of the animals we torture daily in NC with the gas chamber.

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