Make it a Legal Requirement for drivers to report accidents involving cats

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Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, section 170, it is a legal requirement to report any road accident which causes damage to any animal which is not on or in the vehicle involved. The definition of 'animal' however does not include cats. Are we not supposed to be a Country of Animal Lovers?

I run a very large Lost and Found group, to date, we have over 6,700 members. Many of our posts are for lost cats, that have gone missing, some of which will have been ran over and the owner will never know.  Regardless of whether or not these cats are chipped, they are not picked up and chip checked, they are left at the side of the road for the Council's Street care to collect and dispose, many of these are still not chip checked.  I myself have lost a cat to the road, the person ran him over, picked him up, carried him up into a field - away from the road and simple threw his body into the woods. I did not find out until 5 days later, when the farmer informed us. 

These cats are our family members.  I realise that many people do not feel the same way about cats and unfortunately see them as nothing more than vermin.   Surely we as humans should have compassion for each other and care about each other?

Drivers that do run a cat over should be legally required to inform Police, just as they do in the case of Dogs, both are considered Family Members to us.