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Moderate and Cap Veterinary Practices' Charges for Animal/Pet Medication and Drugs

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Vets are penalising people with sick pets by charging hefty fees for medicines they could buy for a fraction of the price online.

Owners often part with ­thousands of pounds for long-term medication when their much-loved animals become old, chronically ill or injured.

A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), ­explained that veterinary medicine is classed as private and is not regulated by the Government.

This means that the prices vets charge can vary. With many vets not disclosing the cost of medication until they have been presented to the customer and prompted to pay, furthermore not explaining to customers the option of prescription only (which often incurs additional charges on top of consultation).

This alarming discovery means that veterinary practices (both large and small) are at risk of financially crippling pet owners, or worse preventing access to drugs that have been prescribed to their pet(s).

We request that vet fees made more transparent to customers, and that the Government moderate veterinary charges with capped profit margins applied to medication for animals.

Case examples;

5mg tablet a day for colon problems, at a cost of £20 for a packet of 28 from a vet. The same drug can be bought for online £1.12. That is £18.88 ­cheaper than the vet’s price.

Vetoryl, used to treat Cushing’s disease, a condition in which an animal has too much cortisol or steroid in its blood. A month’s supply of 60mg ­tables can be bought for around £78 directly from a veterinary practice. Online pharmacies sell the same quantity, 30 tablets, for just £45 – a saving of £396 a year.

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