Introduce mandatory teaching of British colonial history to the national curriculum

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With the events currently happening worldwide surrounding the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade, it has become clear that while it is neither an excuse or the whole cause of the problem of racism, many white people have little to no understanding of the role our white ancestors had (and continue to have) in the oppression of black people.

I believe that the reason for this is a lack of accurate and unbiased education in schools and that despite the fact that these may be uncomfortable topics, the true story of colonialism, slavery, civil rights and continued police brutality should be mandatory parts of the national curriculum. 

Right now there is only one module available regarding British colonial history, and this is optional. Schools must give the next generation a chance to learn about the crimes of our past so that children and young people can form unbiased opinions in a safe and educational environment that may not be available at home. My hope is that children who are brought up understanding true British history and, therefore, their white privilege, will be able to fight against oppressive racism and form a generation with fewer George Floyds, Breonna Taylors and Tony McDades.