Demand Change to DfE's Inhumane COVID-19 School Guidelines

Demand Change to DfE's Inhumane COVID-19 School Guidelines

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The real victim in this Pandemic is our young children. They are our future. Please protect their liberties, development, and future mental health by supporting this petition.

At these crucial developmental years of Children's psychology, belief systems, social maturity and worldview, the mainstream media and government has undertaken a campaign of overwhelming fear that woefully lacks scientific justification.

The collateral debt of our unprecedented fear-based social and political response will have significant consequence to our young, and will play out for many many years. They have not been given respect and consideration as citizens of our country.

The Department For Education (DfE) School Reopening Guidelines published on 12th May 2020, summarised in this infographic, are inhumane in nature and are bordering on child cruelty. They are grossly impractical and lack any scientific evidence to support their current-day necessity or effectiveness.

The consequences of such a fear-driven and draconian environment that forcibly suppresses children's human instincts of intimacy, closeness and play is totally unjustified given all the evidence we have regarding the negligible risks to children, under 40's and sharply fading effects of the COVID-19 pandemic across most European nations such as England and Sweden.