Remove Dao Quang as President of Tam Bao Temple for Abuse of Power

Remove Dao Quang as President of Tam Bao Temple for Abuse of Power

September 14, 2022
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Started by Phuong Le

Quyen Van Ho is the Abbot and President of Tam Bao Temple in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You may know him as Thay Dao Quang or Country Monk, as he is quite a popular monk. He achieved a PhD in Psychology and self proclaims "I am a trusted leader, mentor, and team trainer with comprehensive consultation and counseling practices." He is currently being brought to trial for abusing his power.

As Buddhist monks and nuns take a vow of celibacy, Ho has allowed sex to run rampant throughout the temple. There are allegations he took part in these sexual activities, and even impregnated a nun there. 

What is more concerning than a Monk violating one Buddhism's 5 Basic Precepts, is Ho's hostility. When a nun apprehensively requested to leave the temple after seeing sexual misconduct take place, ill-tempered Ho reprimanded her, calling her a fraud who only used him to receive a green card. He then threatened to revoke the green card from her.

"Immediately go to your room, bring back the Green Card and hand it back [to me.]," Ho scolded her.

All nuns have left Tam Bao Temple. 

Is this the "trusted leader, mentor, and team trainer" he claims to be?

Ho has used this tactic multiple times, expelling monk Thich Doi Phap from the temple and quickly contacting the immigration lawyer to revoke Doi Phap's application to live in the States. Ho avoided any consultation with his Board of Directors at the time before withdrawing Thich Doi Phap's immigration application. All of the Board of Directors have since stepped down from their positions and no longer attend the Temple. 

Tam Bao Temple was a place that once housed 17 monastics. Many were from Vietnam who were sponsored to live in the States by the Temple. Many were forced back to Vietnam after having their immigration application revoked from them. Currently, only Ho and one other monk reside at the temple.

With Ho in charge, he will do this again. Ho will continue to abuse his power and take advantage of the less privileged and strip them from their opportunity for a better life in America. Help us bring justice to the Vietnamese Buddhist community and remove Quyen Van Ho from Presidency at Tam Bao Temple.

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Signatures: 927Next Goal: 1,000
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