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Deny Request For Zoning Change at 8076 Longwoods Road and Bring Property Into Compliance

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The owners of 8076 Longwoods Road have proposed a zoning change of their property from the current AG4 (allows existing single detached dwellings only) to AGC2 (allowing intensive agricultural uses, abattoir and livestock facilities). Their plan is to begin an abattoir and livestock sales operation. There are many problems with this proposal.

First and foremost, the owner of 8076 Longwoods Road has already been running a livestock operation here (despite not being zoned for it) for 8+ years, as he stated brazenly at a public meeting. In this time, he has shown blatant disregard for the well-being of his animals, and for the surrounding residents (the property is surrounded by single-family homes). Neighbours have observed and documented dead animals left to rot around the property and in amongst the live animals, as well as piles of animal waste. This creates a massive odour (which can be smelled over 1km away) and pest problem. A neighbouring house which was just custom built had to be repainted due to an infestation of flies dirtying their walls and cupboards with fecal matter! Also, animals frequently escape from their inadequately fenced yard and roam around, destroying the surrounding crops/gardens, and putting neighbouring children/residents at risk.

The City of London became involved in this livestock matter in 2015. Subsequently, a zoning charge was laid Aug 19, 2016, the first appearance in court was Nov 14, 2016, and the Justice put the matter forward to be spoken to again Aug 14, 2017.

However, they are now considering a request by the owner of 8076 Longwoods Road to have the property rezoned, despite the ongoing violations, and the problems it is causing for neighbouring residents.

We are also concerned with the confusion surrounding what is the City of London "official plan" for development.  The City has allowed for single family residential expansion (AG1/AG4 zoning) all along the west side of Longwoods Road from Lambeth moving out.  The City has also allowed for single family residential expansion (R1 zoning) on Kilbourne Road and Southwinds Drive - all these streets border 8076 Longwoods Road.  It is clear the only NEW development West of Longwoods Road is for residential use, and that is what the residents were told when we purchased and built our homes, and what fits the existing landscape West of Longwoods Road.  Now the City proposes to change one existing lot, zoned AG4, to AGC2 - a livestock facility and slaughterhouse. Squeezed onto a small parcel of land meant for residential use, it subjects all surrounding residents with the ongoing issues (flies, odour, safety, etc.) and blatant bylaw violations.

Due to the conflicts of interest and opinion over this matter, this has created a clear tension between the owner at 8076 Longwoods Road and the neighbouring residents.  It has even gone so far as one neighbour reporting being physically attacked. Police have been involved.  This has area residents worried and scared for our safety and the safety of children in the area.

What we, the residents in the area, would like to see, is a comprehensive enforcement of the zoning violations, swift removal of all non-compliant animals, facilities, and operations, and of course, a denial of the request for a zoning change.

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