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Deny the application for Freymond Quarry to be located beside homes and gravesites in Faraday Township and the Town of Bancroft

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Freymond Lumber is proposing to open up and operate a blast / drill / crush rock quarry a stone’s throw from family homes and businesses in your community. Their proposed location is immediately adjacent to an active cemetery located within the town of Bancroft. The quarry would lie within Faraday Township (lots 51 and 52 - West of Hastings Road), and would touch the Town of Bancroft’s border at the cemetery’s edge. For details on the layout and location visit: where you can download maps and reports prepared by technical consultants.

Surrounding the proposed quarry site are family homes, small businesses including a renowned health/wellness and retreat centre, and an active cemetery. The proposed area is in sight of the shores of the York River and the Hastings Heritage Trail, which is part of a provincial network of four-season multi-use trails feeding North Hastings’ tourist economy. The proposed site is also in the heart of a bustling up and coming cottage country network. Not to mention, its troubling proximity to the Town of Bancroft proper – it is just 1.8km from Bancroft’s beautiful downtown, and approximately 1.2km upwind of an elementary school.

The concerns surrounding the proposed quarry only begin at its actual geographic location. There are serious negative effects, both environmental and health related, which will spread well beyond its borders. There will be distressing noise, dust, and vibration generated by explosions and constant drilling and rock crushing. There is significant concern by residents regarding scarcity and safety of nearby well water, as the quarry will excavate well below the water table. The quarry will have a negative impact on property values, in part because of its environmental impact, and in part, because it will be a continuing source of disturbance for surrounding residents. In addition, it will disrupt the cemetery’s peaceful environment. It will no doubt cause incessant noise, dust and upset to attending mourners. Friends and families of those buried in the cemetery would be distressed by the routine disturbance of their loved ones’ remains by the shocks and vibrations of explosions and drills operating just over the cemetery fence.

It is extremely important to protect the tranquility and natural beauty that supports tourism and brings new residents to North Hastings. Locating a blast quarry among homes, alongside major provincial highway and trail corridors, and a stone’s throw from Bancroft’s theatre district tarnishes the image of North Hastings, lowers property values and undermines the local economy and tourism industry. Where pristine surroundings are tarnished, word travels fast. An up and coming cottage country hub will revert, and purchasers will stay away.

The Faraday Township Council have the power to stop the quarry proposal by denying an application for a zone amendment from “Rural (RU)” to “Extractive Industrial (MX).” The Hastings County Planning and Development Committee can also prevent the quarry by denying the application for County Official Plan from “Rural” to “Extractive” designation.

We are petitioning the councils of Faraday Township and the Town of Bancroft to stop this proposed quarry by denying the local zone amendment and using all available means to encourage the County to deny the official plan amendment.

Please sign this petition, and help us show support for the natural environment, and the value of tranquil homes. Thank you!

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