DENY 'Roosh V' Accommodation in Canada for the Purposes of Disseminating Hate

DENY 'Roosh V' Accommodation in Canada for the Purposes of Disseminating Hate

July 17, 2015
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UPDATE: There is strong evidence indicating that 'RooshV' has entered Canada and is in Montreal. 

We ask Mayor Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga, Mayor John Tory of Toronto, and Mayor Denis Corderre of Montreal to denounce 'RooshV' and to urge local businesses and organizations to deny him accommodation while in Canada. 

'Roosh V' (AKA Roosh Vorek AKA Daryush Valizadeh), creator and administrator of the ‘Pick Up Artist’ (PUA) hate website “The Return of Kings” is going on a ‘world tour’ this summer. Next month, he plans on coming to Canada for two dates – August 8 in Montreal, and August 15 in Toronto. WE MUST STOP HIM!

Roosh V. is coming to Canada specifically for the purposes of violating section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code, which clearly prohibits gathering and organizing for the purposes of inciting hatred of an identifiable group. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has identified both Roosh and his website as hate-based, and the hateful misogynistic views that he is coming to Canada to disseminate are likely to breach public peace.

From advocating for the decriminalization of rape to imploring men to sexually abuse women with mental illness to straight up dehumanizing women as an entire group, ‘The Return of Kings’ is part of the 'Manosphere', a misogynist hate-scene that has been developing a growing presence on the web. Misogynists from all over the world are attracted to Roosh and his website not only because it, like all hate groups, provides an easy scapegoat to blame all of their problems on, but because it also promises to provide them with an easy guide to sexually abusing women. The most dangerous ideas that RooshV propagates are about what to do with women in the real world: how to treat them, why and how they owe men sex, how to best take full advantage of their fundamental inhumanity.

It is in this sense that allowing RooshV to come to Canada to disseminate his views to a live and captive audience of fellow hate-mongers is so potentially dangerous to the public. In the world of organized misogyny promoted by RooshV, rape is a valid response to male desire. Women are not fully human, so physically taking control of them becomes ‘necessary’. Crimes against women are often ‘overhyped’ and hating them is a logical conclusion to biological truth. Violence against and hatred for women becomes normalized, acceptable, even necessary.

As a nation we have already decided that hate speech has no place in Canada. Hate is hate, and it is physically dangerous.  We must ensure that RooshV and his following are not allowed to flourish in the dark corners of our society, for the same reasons that we do not allow white supremacy a legitimate place in Canada. There are three ways to help:

Please digitally sign the attached petition to prohibit 'RooshV' from entering Canada for the purposes of inciting hatred toward women, as per section 319 of the CCC.

Please call the Canada Border Watch Toll-Free Line  at 1-888-502-9060 to report Roosh’s entrance into Canada for the purposes of criminal activity. If the Border Agency is aware of his arrival, he may be turned away.

Forward the link to this petition widely!

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 46,371 supporters!

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