Deny Parole for Deborah Soule DIN # 96G0391

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I am starting this petition to show the NYS Department of Corrections Parole Board that Deborah Soule (DIN # 96G0391) is a violent murderer who should not be granted parole.  On January 14, 1995 Deborah Soule viciously beat, my son,  two year old Nicholas Miller to death as he slept, while he was on a weekend visitation with his father. (Deborah Soule was his father's live-in-girlfriend.) Deborah Soule later confessed to stomping, kicking and punching Nick as he slept on the bedroom floor.  At the trial, the injuries Nick received were compared to him being in a car accident, kicked by a horse and falling from a three story building. He died from a ruptured intestine after suffering for hours. Not only did she beat him, but she saw how sick he was, knew what she had done and chose to not get him the medical treatment he desperately needed.  In March and  September 2015, she was denied release.  After 22 years, she is still lying about what happened that night and still refuses to take any responsibility for her actions!

She is  scheduled to go before the Parole Board again in September 2017. Please take a minute to sign this petition asking the NYS Parole Board to DENY her parole and KEEP DEBORAH SOULE IN PRISON.  If you have already signed, please share this petition with your family and friends, and consider sending a letter, I can't do this alone.  Please help us be Nick's voice!

The picture above is of Nick with Santa just weeks before he died.  I remember him pointing to Santa while we were standing in line, he had his little arms wrapped around my neck as he whispered in my ear "Santa".  He was in awe.  He had carried a magazine picture of Santa and Coke around for weeks before he finally got to sit on his lap.  He never had a chance to live and grow, Deborah Soule took that all away and the hole he left in my heart and our family is immeasurable.  

If you would like to write a letter to the NYS Parole Board you can use this link: 

If you would like to read more about Nick's story you can visit my blog at

Thank you,

Katie Wise, Nick's mom <3

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