Deny David Leon Scarbrough ID # 00286411 parole

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Please deny parole for double murderer David Leon Scarbrough, TOMIS ID # 00286411  Birth Date 02/20/1976,  Race White,  Sex M.  Parole Hearing Date: 12/08/2015.

On February 3, 1995, David Scarbrough and his “friend” Thomas Paul Gagne Jr. broke into my parents’, Les and Carol Dotts, home while their 13 year old accomplice, Harley Watts, was the lookout.  When my parents came home from going out to dinner, Scarbrough and Gagne emptied a 9mm gun into my parents.  Including a direct shot to my mother's head.

Both Scarbrough and Gagne were already well on their way to becoming violent career criminals on the night they viciously murdered two kind, loving, innocent people - Les and Carol Dotts.

Late 1994, the felon, David Leon Scarbrough, was arrested while stealing a car.  He had illegal drugs and weapons in his possession.  As he did not have a “previous criminal history” his attorney and family told the Knox County DA “that he had never done anything like that before and never would again.” 

Three years later at Scarbrough's double murder trial, the truth came out about David Scarbrough’s supposed lack of criminal history.  He testified on the stand, that he began abusing and dealing drugs and stealing cars when he was ONLY 13 or 14 years old.  There was also testimony from his father about a “shootout” he was involved in with his “friend” and co-conspirator Tom Gagne.  His parents never reported this to the police.  They enabled his criminal behavior which resulted in my parents brutal murders.  And his parents had their own drug possession conviction while Scarbrough was a teenager (it was later expunged for "good behavior".)

When the convicted felon, Scarbrough, was testifying during his trial for murdering my parents, the prosecutor asked him what he thought about the charges being dropped the first time he was arrested.  His response was “wow, I have a great attorney.”  This is a part of court record.  There was no, “I made a mistake, boy was I lucky, I am so sorry, I’ll never do anything like that again.”  Oh no, none of that, just, “Wow, I have a great attorney.”

David Leon Scarbrough has never shown any remorse for destroying my family, for murdering two people who worked hard all their lives, were actively involved in their community, and who lived their lives by presenting a positive example, for not only their daughter, but my friends as I grew up and became an adult.  They were both loving parents and good friends to me and my husband, Robert Edward Brykalski, They were responsible loving pet parents to our collies and sheltie.           

There is a bumper stick that sums it up well:  “Catch and release is for fish…. NOT felons.”  I wonder the felon David Scarbrough had been held accountable and responsible the FIRST time he was arrested, would my parents have been brutally murdered that awful night?  No.

We the undersigned are asking that you DENY David Leon Scarbrough’s request for parole.  Please send a message to not only the law abiding citizens of our community, state, and country, but to the criminals, that we will not tolerate the drugs, violence, and complete lack of respect and compassion that David Scarbrough and other criminals like him, bring to our streets and homes. 

We also ask that he not be allowed another parole hearing for at least 6 (six) years.

Just say NO! 

Thank you,

Jeanne Dotts Brykalski  and Robert Brykalski
















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