Remove Inappropriate Art from Denver International Airport

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We would like to respectfully request the removal of offensive material from the Denver International Airport.

Leo Tanguma’s “In Peace and Harmony with Nature” mural features disturbing imagery that is not appropriate for mass consumption. The images and perceived subject matter are disturbing and not suitable for families and young children.

Additionally, the “Children of the World Dream in Peace” mural that was temporarily removed was previously set to be returned to the airport passageways sometime in 2021. This mural prominently features death and violence and is not appropriate for a public space frequented by thousands of individuals, including young children. It should not be restored to a public space.

While we understand freedom of expression in art is important, we believe families and children should not be forcibly exposed to negative, graphic and inappropriate images. These types of displays should have no place in public areas.

We believe public art adds value to our communities and culture. Art can uplift a community, foster pride, enrich the culture and create a strong sense of identity. For these reasons, we support public art and attractions that convey a positive message and promote respect, integrity, love, morality and positive ideals.

Obscene, vulgar and indecent displays that promote crime, violence or sin disparage our communities and should be removed from public spaces.

We understand art is subjective, but we also believe individuals should feel protected from the obscene while in public spaces. As a society, we understand the need to regulate television and radio with regulations like the Safe Harbor Hours. Public spaces should be given the same protections and subjected to the same regulations that limit indecency and vulgarity.

We are asking that the Denver International Airport and the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs give our concerns serious consideration and begin efforts to remove the inappropriate display from public view and not restore the temporarily moved mural.