Save small businesses and local communities in Denver from large corporate interests

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For the sake of economic justice, we ask Denver mayor Michael Hancock and the Denver Community Planning and Development organization to give top priority to the impact on small businesses and local communities in Denver when considering large corporate interests and development plans.

Specifically, a concept plan regarding the redevelopment of 1010 West Colfax was submitted on December 24, 2019. Details can be found here:

Currently there is no plan to buy out the small businesses or assist those who might be displaced. If the plan is approved without any provisions on buying out small businesses or assisting the displaced, then the small businesses and local community will suffer devastating losses.

My family owns the laundromat business Wash City Laundry in the redevelopment target area. Wash City Laundry has served the local community and visitors to Denver for decades. If the concept plan is approved, then my family will simply lose the business. Part of the economic injustice is that my aging parents invested everything into Wash City Laundry and is relying on it for their retirement. It would be absolutely devastating for us to lose it without being able to at least sell it.

My family's story is not unique here. We already know other families with small businesses in the 1010 West Colfax redevelopment area that were planning to retire by selling their small business to other families, but the very threat of this redevelopment stopped the sale and is ruining that family's retirement plans.

Please support economic justice for small businesses and the local community by not allowing large corporate interests to run over small businesses and the local community without at least a fair and equitable buyout and/or displacement assistance.

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