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DENR-PAWB Director Theresa Mundita Lim: Release the Pawikan in Turtle Island Guimaras

Right now in Turtle Island, Guimaras, a Pawikan is kept tied and released only for purposes of photography at the cost of 5 pesos per tourist. The locals are the best stewards of endangered species within their vicinity, yet there is a lack of awareness about the need for these creatures to be set free and undisturbed in their natural habitat. The local government of Guimaras, DENR and PAWB should investigate, release the Pawikan and ensure that this practice will not continue by working hand in hand with the residents of Turtle Island in programs directed towards preserving and protecting their seas and marine life.

This is important to us especially because as divers and conservationists, we are aware of the crucial role marine species play in the balance of marine life and ecology. It is imperative for these species to go undisturbed, with very minimal human contact if they are to flourish in our seas. To ensure this, there must be very strict guidelines that prohibit enclosures that retain sea turtles on shore and monitoring compliance to these guidelines is a must.

This petition was delivered to:
  • OIC-Director, Special Concerns Unit DENR
  • Division Chief
    Marlynn M. Mendoza
  • OIC Division Chief
    Josefina L. De Leon
  • Senator
    Loren Legarda
  • PAWB Director
    Theresa Mundita Lim

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