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Denounce GOP Rep. for Claiming Blacks More Devastated by Abortion than Under Slavery


Rep. Trent Franks, Republican from Arizona, recently said that he thinks African-Americans are more devastated today by abortion than they were by slavery.

He said, “half of all black children are aborted. Far more black children, far more of the African-American community is being devastated by the policies of today, than were being devastated by the policies of slavery.”

To seriously suggest that giving women reproductive rights is somehow even akin to chattel slavery at all is beyond offensive.

Rep. Franks clearly has no understanding of the historical impact of slavery, no understanding of the African-American Community, and to make matters worse, no respect for the rights of women.

Tell Trent Franks that he needs to apologize now for his painful racist and sexist comments. 

Letter to
Representative Ron Barber
I am appalled at your statement claiming that the African-American community is more devastated by abortion rights than it was by the policies of slavery in the U.S.

I am writing to ask that you immediately apologize for this insensitive and offensive remark. Allowing women to make reproductive choices is not even close to comparable to the experience of the buying and selling of human beings that extended for generations in this country and has lasting impacts on the entire African-American community to this day.

I look forward to your prompt apology.