Make Denny’s the official Sponsor for “WHEN WE WERE HUNGRY”!

Make Denny’s the official Sponsor for “WHEN WE WERE HUNGRY”!

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Started by William Wenz

On, or around October 21st WHEN WE WERE HUNGRY will be happening we repeat, WILL be happening. HOWEVER! We still want Dennys as the official festival sponsor and this petition is aimed at showing them just how big of a deal our request truly is! This also applies to all subsequent sponsors and musical acts but primarily Denny’s specifically! More signatures mean more awesome memeing made real! Since setting up a festival is expensive as and requires a lot of hard work we hope you will share this after signing! 


Our original festival lineup seen in the Facebook meme will sadly NOT be the final product as there are many, many, many conflicts with schedules that existed prior our petition happening. HOWEVER, that’s okay because many amazing artists will still be on our stages, many who WERE on the original meme flyer! As it grows more and more will follow too! This is 100% a community/team effort! So LITERALLY YOU, YES YOU ultimately have the power to help make this the best Festival of 2022 and one that is talked about for years to come!

In closing from the bottom of a music lovers heart and his team of hard working employees, thank you and please share this with EVERYONE so we can take this meme into the stratosphere and truly make memes into dreams!


William M. Wenz | Founder & Owner of When We We’re Hungry Festival | Bassist & Content Creator with Modern Day Escape

5,010 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!