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FEDS/AG Need Reopen Martha Morgan Death Case seen on Crime Watch Daily

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My mama's death case appeared on Crime Watch Daily. There are 4 videos on my case from Crime Watch Daily. You can see on Crime Watch Daily website or You Tube. Type in Crime Watch Daily Martha Morgan. The videos are titled He Did It. It's 4 parts.

The FEDS and AG need to reopen my mama's death case.


My mama was shot at straight (head on) slightly downward angle at intermediate range. It is homicide trajectory and distance. There was no gunpowder burns on my mama's breast. Consistent with right handed husband straddling /leaning over her. 

No gunpowder on her hands or wrists. No back splatter on either hand.

Both hands had defensive bruising. 

No fingerprints on the gun.

Had blunt force trauma to right front forehead , that matched the butt of the gun to the t in measurement and shape. There was no bone left in that area. You could see inside her head. Takes tremendous hit/ force to break forehead bone. There was a lot of blood in her hair.

Body was moved. Blood pattern on her body proved that. Postlateral lividity proved she died on her back, yet in crime scene photos she was face down.

History of domestic violence. Husband was a City Worker.

Husband remarried less than 4 months later.

Husband made thousands off my mama's death.

In my opinion,  the Shreveport Police Dept., DA and Caddo Coroner deliberately covered up my mama's murder. 

The Coroner ignored the postlateral lividity and changed the distance of gunshot on National TV.  Lividity proved mama died on her back,  Since when do dead people move themselves from being on their back to being on their stomach? Coroner lied on National TV and said there was no blood on mama's face. Yet, crime scene photos show quite a bit of blood on mama's forehead, i some on mouth and in her hair. The Coroner and his assistant were at the crime scene. 

Crime scene doesn't match the officials rendition of events. In my opinion the officials obstructed justice.




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