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Provide Offended DePaul University Students with Pacifiers and/or Milk and Cookies

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The DePaul College Republicans will be hosting Milo Yiannopoulous on May 24th. The upcoming event has brought a few important issues to the forefront and have underscored the hypocritical and paradoxical nature of today's fascist Left. One paradox is that some students within the university feel that they are personally offended by Milo, despite the fact that many of them have never heard him speak. They also believe that he is "homophobic" even though he is gay—paradox #2. 

Instead of criticizing those who wish to shut down free speech and causing further bad blood, we wish to accommodate these precious snowflakes, and, instead of solving this problem by encouraging them to attend the event and to hear alternative ideas, we believe that the problem can be solved through a few simple actions taken by the university.

We call upon the administration of DePaul University to:

1. Not cancel the Milo Yiannopoulos event scheduled for May 24th.

 2. Agree to issue a more appropriate response to the chalkings on campus and related issues, which can only be realized and decided by the students, staff, and faculty directly affected by these incidents, as well the acknowledgement of the presence, and a course of active action to be taken against, the continuous systemic oppression of marginalized groups on campus, like the College Republicans.

3. Perhaps most importantly, provide each and every hurt, harmed, offended, saddened, outraged, upset, or distressed DePaul student with a pacifier and/or enough milk and cookies to get them through this traumatizing situation.

It is our hope that the Vincentian morals central to the DePaul Mission will guide the administration to make a decision that is inclusive and respectful of all groups that have a presence in the DePaul community, and stand against the anti-free speech rhetoric which threatens the quintessential definition of what it means to be a Vincentian.

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