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The barbarian tradition to kill lots of pilot whales in Faeroe Islands has begun early this year with the bloody slaughter of 60 defenseless pilot whales. In a world where civilized nations come to the rescue of stranded whales, the one place on the planet that demonstrates no mercy is this group of islands situated between Scotland and Iceland.

 A Faroese supporter of Sea Shepherd told:  “The killing was not quick and some whales took one to two minutes to die…terrible to watch.”


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In 2008, the Faroese Chief Medical Officers announced that the high levels of mercury, PCBs and DDT derivatives in pilot whale meat and blubber make it unsafe for human consumption. This is particularly damaging to pregnant women and children.  It  does not seem  to  bother  them.


Letter to
Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Minister of Foreign Affairs Willy Søvndal
Member of EU Parliament Dan Jorgensen
I am disturbed regarding the slaughter of pilot whales and other dolphins that occurs annually in the Faroes Islands. This practice involves manipulating the whale's and dolphin's route and destination by forcing them together and into an area from which they are unable to escape. Once imprisoned in this area, they are needlessly and violently slaughtered, subjected to extremely cruel actions that cause intense suffering, prolonged pain, and extreme fear, and that cannot be legitimately described as either humane or justified. Indeed, it is significant to illustrate these actions as evidence of extreme indifference and a gross disrespect of sentient life. As such, I respectfully request that the you use your influence to effect an immediate discontinuation of all indefensible slaughter. 60 Pilot Whales already killed in 2011.

This event is promoted as a cultural tradition, a celebration of heritage and spirit, but mitigating words and euphemistic descriptions cannot conceal the inherently barbaric nature of this hunt. I am certain you can appreciate that any celebration built on a foundation of extreme animal cruelty, exploitation, and suffering cannot be justified as an expression of historical pride; indeed, condemning whales and dolphins, or any other animals, to a torturous ceremony is unjustifiable. Commemorating cultural history is admirable, yet subjecting an innocent creature to such a primitive ritual only demonstrates apathy and a lack of principles. Furthermore, from a pragmatic position, you should be aware of the toxicity of whale and dolphin meat, and consumption of such could prove dangerous especially for pregnant women and children..

I am asking that you provide immediate relief on behalf of our animal friends: Please act swiftly and responsibly by enacting an immediate moratorium on these savage hunts. This can lead boycott of Denmark with respect to both tourism and products. As a member of the EU, please provide your obligatory duty and responsibility by protecting these animals; your additional ethical gesture of compassion would serve as an international model of empathy.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.


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