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Denise Horn (an incredible, life-changing professor) was denied tenure. Twice. Let's #ChangeTheStory

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Sometimes people change your life for the better in a way you wouldn't have expected. 


Denise Horn is one of those people. 


She teaches Globalization (among many other courses and programs) while really simply facilitating how to be a good person. She's spreading goodness everywhere she is, teaching or otherwise.

She's not just any professor. She has taught more than 250 students in one class every fall, reaching literally thousands of students over the course of her career at NU. She has mobilized hundreds of students to be change makers in their communities and abroad. She connects her research directly to student experiences and learning. She has created award winning international programs. And she has brought a lot of great press to NU around the world. 


But where she is might no longer be NU.


She has been denied tenure, now for a second time. If we gather enough support, we can change that. 

Why is this happening again?

The Provost doesn't think her work (research) has had enough impact. He doesn't think she's "visible" enough in her field, despite the fact that the top scholars in her field (Feminist IR) have publicly said otherwise. Basically, the only metric used is the number of citations a person has, not the real impact they have had on the students or the larger community. 


What you can do, wherever you are in the world (doesn't have to be NU!): 


Sign this petition! And spread the word. EVERYWHERE!


And as you do, be respectful. Nothing will change if we're immature. But let's make it very clear that we are a group of NU students, alumni, parents, faculty,, staff, and a global community of people who want better that won't let one of the best professors at NU go. 


NU needs Denise Horn. Let's remind the NU community of that. Fast.


Let's come together, people.


For a better NU. For a better world.


@PresidentAoun #NUGrantDeniseTenure #NUNeedsDeniseHorn

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