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Stop the Killing of Thousands of Dogs in Montreal, Canada

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In recent news, we have learned that Montreal City Council was planning to pass Bill C-51 which would inherently ban the ownership of Pitbulls and other similar breeds. On Tuesday September 27, this Bill was passed and it has literally signed a death sentence over thousands of dogs in the city.

Once this Bill was passed, it placed a complete ban on the breed, along with any similar breeds such as American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terriers - It also goes on to say, "Any dog with a similar look to these breeds."

Current owners of Pitbull type breeds are panicking as well. Under the new bylaw, all owners of pit-bull type dogs, pit-bull "mixes" or any dog with a similar "look" will have until Dec. 31 to apply for their dangerous dog permit with the city, or risk having their dog seized and euthanized.  

One source states: "For dogs without an owner, the day of the legislation, those dogs will be effectively euthanized.  It is worth noting that rescue groups were able to get some of the dogs at risk out of local shelters in advance of the measure passing. If this situation isn't swiftly reversed, it may have a domino effect in Canada, specifically, the rest of Quebec, and it may continue from there."

We cannot stand by and allow this to happen. Yes, there are activists, lawyers, council members and rescue shelters hard at work to stop this, but we as Canadian citizens need to do everything and anything we can do to make noise about this and call to action every person who believes this is morally unacceptable. 

As a mom, and fur mom to 3 dogs who have all been rescued this is heart wrenching to me. All current dogs of these breeds in shelters are officially unavailable to be adopted due to this ban. We have to pray we can find ways to get these dogs out of Montreal shelters and into rescues. 

Please sign this petition and let's inform the City Council of Montreal, including Mayor Denis Coderre and Anie Samson, the city executive committee member responsible for public safety that Canadians will NOT support this. We are against the discrimination that they are upholding and we will not support the city of Montreal in anyway, so long as the ban stays in place.

We are asking for a reversal on this ban. It is unjust and ignorant to assume that all breeds similar to Pitbull are dangerous. We are asking that you allow the dogs of this breed who are currently in your shelters to be released for adoption to rescue agencies and people in other parts of Canada.

We are asking for you to have compassion for thousands of animals who have no voice.


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