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Knights of Rizal started this petition to DMCI Homes President Alfredo R. Austria and

Never have I seen Luneta so clean and so full of hope. Thanks to the efforts of former director Jett Villegas, the fountains of Rizal Park finally work, the grass is being replaced, and the long abandoned waterfall works again. Even the smokestacks, which have blighted the sightline of our national hero’s monument for decades have finally been demolished. Today, the sightline of the Jose Rizal has never been so perfect.

But not for long. If DMCI Holdings has their way, they’re going to COMPLETE a FIFTY STOREY mid-range condominium complex in the sightline RIGHT behind our national hero. So from hereon, everytime you take a photo or look at our National Hero and think of him - you will also take in the sight of this Terror of Manila above anything else. 

Not only is this building offensive to our national hero, our national identity and all things good and true - but it’s also a ridiculous investment. Think about it, this building will be built in a lot SANDWICHED behind the former Jai-Alai lot FORTY meters AWAY from Taft Avenue itself. Think about the traffic, the congestion and the inconvenience of going through that driveway just to get to the road. The road also seems inadequate for fire trucks should this 50 storey building catch fire. 

TORRE DE MANILA is also located in the University Cluster area of Manila, an already crowded area which has limitations on its height as deemed by zoning laws. These violations have been noticed by the Manila City Council last year and a resolution has been passed for DMCI Homes to desist. But in a blatant and wanton disregard of the Manila City Council - DMCI Homes has proceeded with construction with IMPUNITY.

I now appeal to fellow Filipinos to implore Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada to impose a TRO on the building permit of DMCI HOMES Torre De Manila and DEMAND THAT DMCI rethink this project. 

Let DMCI know that we FILIPINOS refuse to have their Torre De Manila Condominium ruin the sanctity of the Rizal sightline and jeopardise the surrounding community with their zoning violations.

Tell DMCI your disgust through their fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/dmcihomesofficial

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Tell your family and friends NOT to patronize this DMCI project.

Tell your family and friends to preserve the beautiful building-free skyline view of the Rizal Shrine.

Tell your family and friends that Torre De Manila is in violation of zoning laws.

More reasons why this project is NOT a good idea: 

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This petition had 11,413 supporters

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