A Petition for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and his policies.

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This petition is aimed at Jeremy Corbyn supporters and those on the left of politics, who would like to have the choice of breaking the current two party hegemony and working together to build new kind of political party! 

There were hundreds of thousands of us who joined the Labour Party, or who were already members who enthusiastically supported Corbyn's vision for a society For The Many Not The Few. If we can convince Jeremy and other socialist MPs that we are still here but now politically homeless, perhaps they may have the courage and confidence to start a new democratic socialist party, ready-made with hundreds of thousands of members waiting to join, and socialist MPs already in parliament waiting to cross the floor.... We can try and make this happen.

Please sign the petition so we can gauge support for the formation of this new party!

There are many disaffected members who have left or are leaving the Labour Party as a result of the change of leadership and ideology. Some have been culled and expelled on dubious grounds.

The time has come to face the fact that the Labour Party is once more under the control of the right wing of the party and that the grip they have fought so hard to regain, will never be relinquished. They will never again allow the left to have any significant influence within the Party. For our part, how can we trust and believe in a leader who took part in a coup against the former democratically elected leader? Surely a man who ignored and disrespected the democratic wishes of the majority of the membership cannot be trusted to represent them going forward?

Since Starmer was elected, he has demonstrated unequivocally, that the left has been reconsigned to the fringes of the party and only tolerated because they are convenient cash cows and handy unpaid foot soldiers. The conviction and compassion of the left is scorned and derided whilst their efforts for the party go largely unrewarded. There is little, if any, inclusion, reciprocation, respect or indeed gratitude for their activism and hard work. 

We, the signatories of this petition, wish to show our support for Jeremy Corbyn to spearhead a new party. People say a new party often sinks without trace, true, but consider this - overnight this party would have thousands of new members, hopefully sitting MPs and the backing of some Trade Unions! We are already over halfway there! We would be the biggest grassroots party in the UK run by the people, funded by the people and for the people. If all socialist Labour MPs join us - we would already have representation in Parliament and four years to build our standing in the community through community projects and activism before the next election. We would have an army of people committed to campaigning and canvassing. All there - ready and chomping at the bit to get started! We wouldn’t have to fight our own party to do so either as we would be of one voice and one ideology.

This is the optimum time to create a new party. Covid -19 has shown us that we need a new world. We cannot go back to the constraints of the two party neo-liberal system. We have to offer the people of the UK a fresh, clear alternative, completely different to the old stale choices of establishment politics. We need a party that will address welfare (UC, PIP, social care) and inequality, that will promote an ethical foreign policy, that will tackle climate change and create green energy and jobs and support our NHS. We won’t get this under Labour. The left have to face that there is no future in Labour anymore as Starmer takes the party further to the right and ditches the popular progressive policies that the Corbyn leadership introduced and championed! 

This is the message we want to send to Jeremy Corbyn: Jeremy, we need you now, more than ever. Please let us help you build a new party that will be your legacy and your gift to future generations. Let us make history together and forge that brave new world they say we can’t have. Let’s challenge the status quo and prove them wrong. 11 million people voted for your vision in the last election - let us build on that! So many of us are now politically homeless - we need you to give us a voice and a platform for our activism! 

We ARE many - they are few. If not now, when?”