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                                   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We all have provided Donald J. Trump enough time in the Office of the President to get his act together. Not only has he torn down and disrupted our civil liberties, but has been an international embarrassment. He is unfit both emotionally, mentally, and physically . He is unfit to be President. If Donald would have won by popular vote, I probably would honor his win for office. However, the Electorate did not do their job and speak for the whole, thus we have suffered. The current offenses since he has been in office:

1. Stirring up home grown terrorist - Please count how many shootings there has been since he has been office. How many have been by White Supremacist, who have actively attacked other Americans without being provoked? The number of shootings and police crimes against people of color has increased TREMENDOUSLY.....

2. Direct attacks against all Hispanics - The President of the United States takes a vow to serve the United States, it's history, and who she stands for. The President incites hostile behavior for all Americans. He provokes an unsafe environment for fostering soft terrorism, provokes hostility towards non-whites, put whites who refuse to be apart of racism and it acts, in danger - they get threatened by the same people as well. He helps creates a US AGAINST THEM DYNAMICS that incite riots and possible civil war. 

3. He is a thug - On record for crimes that somehow he has not done any time for. This means we cannot trust him to have fair negotiations with any country especially those countries with high crime and Leaders with extreme criminal behaviors. He has already abused his position for self gain among other things. View the reports on why China agreed to meet with him. We cannot trust him to speak for us and operate with integrity.

4. No sitting President can publicly or secretly attack long standing American Business Owners like Harley Davidson - The Presidents words are evil and ignorant. This is America and not some Communist Country. We will not always agree.  Donald believes he is a king and not a President which is dangerous and threatens our democracy. No President has a right to say words that can cause fiscal harm to a company or incite the mental to harass that company into agreement.  Harley Davidson is a long standing company who has a brand that everyone recognizes as AMERICAN. He is out of order and abusing his power. 

5. Separating children from their parents just because he sees them as nothing - No immigrant child should be separated under any circumstances.  These are human beings. WHAT WE SAW WAS REAL!!! THEIR CRIES WERE REAL! We allowed children to be traumatized by someone who literally had them in cages with no way to be consoled. We all know this is wrong, especially with people who are already running for their lives. There are very simple ways with the same complexities to help solve immigration issues that doesn't target one group and one border.  Now they are talking their blood for what.  He has already made it clear no immigrant should have health care. Will he create child spies, put them into a programed to be groomed for some experiment, etc.

6. For creating abusive laws targeting religion, race, and creed - The Travel Ban was unacceptable and careless. It is not well thought out, because he can only rationalize on the level he knows. We cannot expect any solid intellectual grasp on laws, how they are made, and why. He believes the laws should be used to cage those he hates and to secure his thirst for oil and other natural resources. 

7. Ashy - The President of the United States is suppose to be regal, distinguished, intelligent, and articulate.  HE NEEDS COCO BUTTER!!! He can't be crazy and flaky! Unacceptable!!! It really makes me furious how he carries himself.... hair eyebrows and all. 

8. He's putting Supremacist in danger - We do not care what Supremacist do in their own back yards.  We do not care about their meetings and what they believe.  In anger, one Supremacist blends with the other. Some Trump Supporters are not actual Supremacist, but emotional supporters of their values.  While "Make America Great Again" hats are rude and offensive, as long as his Supporters are peaceful and minding their own business, they can wear them without harm. Donald has created an environment where we all are becoming more and more non-tolerant walking in perceived injury. We are on age and angry at one another. Because the truth is, he is causing us to fail one another. 

Of course there are tons of offenses and major reasons why Donald J. Tump has to go.  Please send your list to dcmp2firmmediation@gmail.com on why you believe Donald Trump should be removed from office before November. We just can't risk it. The daily dumb tweets and the neurotic behavior says he has to be removed NOW!!! 

Please sign the Petition and we are working on the following

1. Lawyer Fees - We need a Team of 20 Lawyers from around the country who can help us build a strong case against the President. We are going straight to CONGRESS AND THE SUPREME COURT!

2. Organizers - We need 20 top rated experienced Organizers who knows how to speak with all Americans and who know how create opportunities to march, protest, and sign other petitions that may follow. You can be Republican, Democrat, or whatever. Once you join us, you are only AMERICAN AND FOR ALL AMERICANS. YOU WORK FOR AMERICA!!! 

3. Grassroot Leaders - Help spread the word.  Carry our message everywhere even to congress etc.

Lets make it happen for ourselves. We owe ourselves to protect our country's legacy, and our right to all exist at the same time in the same space.


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