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Democracy NOT Dictatorship - Curtail Henry VIII powers

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The EU Withdrawal Bill - The biggest political power grab of modern times!

Why? Because the government will try to give itself unprecedented power in order to process thousands of pieces of legislation - they will try to use Henry VIII Clauses.

Named after statutes passed in the English Reformation, and set aside after Henry's death – government ministers would get powers to repeal legislation without the approval of parliament. Yes! you read that right WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF PARLIAMENT. Given the quantity of EU law, this could easily include rights, protections and standards that all of us take for granted in our everyday lives such as equality legislation, workers rights and environmental protection - being decided by the Government without proper Parliamentary debate.

In most countries with a written constitution, such procedures would violate the basic principles of parliament. We have no such advantage. In fact, the way the EU Withdrawl Bill (formerly referred to as the Great Repeal Bill) is debated and concluded will establish precedents which will far outlast this Government, and affect the powers of parliaments for decades.

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