DROP TUITION PRICE For FALL 2020 Semester At Mount Royal University!

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This petition is for the voices of fellow MRU students speaking on the cost of tuition for the fall semester. As students, we were informed that there was going to be a 7% increase in tuition for this following semester. This already gave allot of strain on a lot of students. Following the recent events of COVID-19 and no longer be authorized to physically go on campus to attend classes, a lot of students including myself have been finding this transition very challenging; especially with the stress of remaining successful while doing our studies remotely. The predicament that we’re currently facing is that students are being left no choice but to still pay FULL tuition which is 7% higher than last year‘s tuition while being forced to do our classes online. At Mount Royal University, we as students are paying for 

Athletic Fee’s
Student Services Fee’s
General Fee’s

AND on top of that...

COURSE TUITION!!                         

Due to COVID, a lot of students have lost their jobs and are struggling financially. We have yet to see a proper response or justification of why full tuition for remote learning is reasonable and fair. We seek to urge the people who have the power to change this to think of the students' best interests and lower tuition rates for this fall semester. Amenities such as bus pass, library services, gym services, etc. should all be removed from tuition because those things are not being used by students while they are in their homes. We suggest only paying for the courses that we have registered for and our books because those are the things that we need. We understand that remote learning comes with its own set of costs but it’s extremely disheartening seeing the greed in universities during these times especially knowing how a lot of students are not just struggling mentally, physically, and emotionally but financially as well! Students should not have to suffer and deal with the responsibility of paying this much money that they can barely afford from an institution with a yearly revenue of millions.

We must do better. Lower tuition costs for students.