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Reducing T.A.C. charges for safe drivers

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Traffic Accident Commission charges are based on the area in which you live. They are defined as High, Medium and Low risk areas by postcode. For example; in 2017 if you live on the eastern side of Hallam North road in Narre Warren East, you’ll pay approximately $458 dollars this year as part of your vehicle registration. If however you live on the Western side of the same road in Endeavour Hills, you will pay approximately $510.

The same example is true if you live near the Greensborough Bypass (Diamond Creek Road). If you are in Diamond Creek it is $458; if you are next door in Greensborough however, it is $510.

You’ll also pay around $458 if you live on Princes Highway in Pakenham. If you live next door on Princes Highway in Nar Nar Goon, you can expect to pay around $376.

This is vastly unfair as where you simply live does not take into account the times that you drives, how often you drive, where you drive nor how competent you are.

The TAC campaigns focus on road safety and targets driver behaviour. I have not seen them advertise affordable lifestyle changes to Swan Reach or Portland in order to reduce my risk of being in an accident. Based on this, I would like to propose that the TAC charges are set at a base level for all drivers and charged against your license, not your vehicle. This is then increased or discounted based on the number of demerit points a person earns on a rolling 10 year period.  

Based on current figures, hypothetically every driver is a low risk driver to begin with and therefore they should pay around $376 for their first year’s License registration. For every demerit point imposed against them, this will increase their premium by $50. Should they receive 12 demerit points, they pay $976 the following year. Drivers who accrue multiple points per year over 10 years would soon find car registration costs becoming increasingly higher. Some road users may end up being charged in excess of $5,000 per year.

Over the course of 5 years, should a driver not receive any demerit points, they should receive a 50% discount on their payment which brings them down to $188. However, if they receive 1 demerit point, the discount is removed. If they receive more than one, they begin to accrue the $50 per point penalty.

If a driver does not accrue a demerit point over 10 years, they should receive a 100% discount and have a 1 point allowance. If they receive more than 1 point after that, they revert back to a 50% discount ($188), more than 2 points brings them back to $376.

This is not about paying less to the TAC, it is about fair distribution and encouraging safe driving.

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