Demanding the scrapping & rewriting of Portland Street/ Gay Village SRF development plans

Demanding the scrapping & rewriting of Portland Street/ Gay Village SRF development plans

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This petition demands the rewrite of the recently released inadequate Portland Street and Gay Village Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) due to close for consultation feedback next month by Friday 22nd March, as detailed here.

The document is not of a high enough quality to consult on effectively for such a significant development of this world famous area. It does not properly recognise the role of the LGBTQ community. Therefore this SRF must not only be improved, but the approach must significantly change.

Further details:

Signing this petition supports:

  • A demand for community focused collaborative engagement with key stakeholders, businesses, residents and patrons of the area.
  • By adding my signature, I request the document is withdrawn and a new approach sought. If it is not, I support a complaint against Manchester City Council.

The community context:

  • The document was not launched effectively. Therefore, the closing date does not allow enough time to gather a genuine representation of the needs or opinions of the area, let alone representing or allowing a discussion on the evolution of the area.
  • The document is full of errors and omits details of the demographics of the LGBTQ community. This follows a long-term failure in representation for the world-famous area locally.
  • The document seeks to re-brand the Gay Village as Portland Village, and by omission seeks the blandification and erosion of an important neighbourhood’s identity.
  • Therefore, this petition seeks the closing date to be scrapped for feedback and the entire document to be rewritten through collaborative efforts with widespread participation.

We demand this SRF is scrapped and a new approach taken to the Portland Street area and Gay Village as a whole.

(Petition by Adam Prince & Loz Kaye)