Demanding change & action - Injured, hungry, and lost black bear euthanized unfairly!

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  This petition was originally for the cause of capturing and rehabilitating the bear while it was still alive.  Sadly, it was "euthanized" by Amherst Police after nearly a month and a half journey - while plans were being set in place by the DEC to capture the bear as soon as the next day. 


So, I am changing my initiative. This petition has changed it's title to demand change in laws and protocol regarding wild animals in suburban/urban New York communities.  I greatly appreciate the international support this petition has received.  Without you, this would not have been possible.  


On July 8, 2018, I created this this petition to urge New York State to capture, rehabilitate, and release a young male black bear that was wandering around in the western New York region.  This bear was lost, hungry and afraid.  He did not attack any humans or domestic animals - including law enforcement.

After nearly a month and a half journey, the bear was 'euthanized' by local Amherst Police on July 10, 2018, while a plan for capturing the bear the next day was being set up by the DEC.

This is incredibly inhumane.  It was not the bears fault that he wandered into the suburban area.  As previously stated, he caused absolutely no harm to anybody or anything.  The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) put out a statement prior to it's death that the bear was too close to residential areas to tranquilize or stun the bear.  

The bear was struck by a car and injured it's leg.  It was reported to be limping around Getzville, NY, when I decided to make the petition to start an effort to capture and rehabilitate it.

How is this acceptable?  It is not. Here are cases of a bear getting lost in populated areas, and how they were responsibly handled -

In September 2016, a bear wandered into Anchorage, Alaska.  It was captured and relocated humanely. 

Last month, a black bear wandered into a small town in Louisiana.  It was also captured and relocated.

In this case, a bear wandered through town and was simply contained in Hickory, NC. Not euthanized!

There needs to be laws set by the federal government to help protect wild animals that journey into populated areas.  The death of our local black bear cannot go without justice!  

If we don't take to action, nobody will.  Sign this petition to show that you stand for dealing with wild animals in a way that doesn't involve euthanasia, or suffering for it. 

Continuing to let this happen will result in nothing but more unfairly treated animals.  It ends now, and with your help.  Please sign today!


Original Petition Description Prior to Killing of Bear

This summer, a wild black bear has been wandering around Western New York.  

He has not attacked any animal or human throughout his whole journey around the western part of the state.  He is lost, hungry, and now injured.

A week and a half ago, he was struck by an automobile on a local highway, and injured his leg.  

Recent sightings in Getzville, NY, include reports that the male bear has an injured leg, and no food.  He has been going up to back porches and taking the food from bird feeders.  The local police were even quoted saying that the bear came up to them and laid down.  

The local police have simply been following the bear around and trying to scare it away from residential areas, and not offering any help to the injured bear.   The Department of Enviromental Conservation has also stated that the bear is too close to residential areas to tranquilize or stun the bear.  The bear clearly shows no threat to any residents due to it’s injury, making that claim questionable.

Sign this petition to help our local bear get captured and rehabilitated instead of letting it roam hungry, alone, and injured.  It needs help desperately.