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Why this petition matters

Started by HEART 17

We are in challenging times. War, climate crisis, injustice, inequalities, and the aftermath of a global pandemic. Challenging times that call for action. We must all dare to be optimistic. It is time for a new story. A story of hope.

As of today, we ask you to:

  1. Dare to invite youth, especially the ones being hit hardest by the consequences of the climate crisis, to partake in climate conferences
  2. Dare to include youth in your decision-making processes
  3. Dare to inspire youth to put forward their ideas and innovations
  4. Dare to uplift the voices and talk about the struggles of the people who are already suffering the burden of the climate crisis, donate to campaigns, share about crowd fundings, sign petitions.
  5. Dare to demand systematic change from governments, corporations and historically colonial institutions.

Globally, around 1 billion children currently live in affected areas by the climate crisis. Young people feel increasingly depressed and scared due to the state of the world, and we demand change. We are in a situation where youth are not heard enough and where our concerns and problems are not taken seriously.

During global conferences, we demand systemic change. It’s time to involve youth and marginalized communities in the foundation for the decade of actions. Because if we don't have those difficult conversations challenging the status quo for businesses and other organizations, we won't have a world where we all can thrive. Youth have the power of ingenuity and in our world, it is the need of the hour.

67 have signed. Let’s get to 100!