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Demand World Leaders Declare a Global Sanctuary in the Arctic


There is nothing like the pristine Arctic landscape, where the vast expanse of blue-tinted ice heaves and cracks. Seeing the Arctic at the top of the world is a humbling and awesome experience.  

Yet the top of the world is melting fast, and oil giants are moving to cash in. If an oil spill were to happen in the frozen north, it could make the one in the Gulf of Mexico look like a minor hiccup.  

Ask world leaders to create a global sanctuary in the unique area around the North Pole and a ban on oil drilling and industrial fishing in Arctic waters.  

Join the movement to save the Arctic by adding your name to the Arctic scroll, which we’ll place in an indestructible pod on the sea bed at the North Pole, together with a flag for the future to symbolise our commitment to save the Arctic.  

To save the Arctic, we have to act today. Sign now.

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