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Demand Truly "Cruelty-Free" Products From American Companies

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Everyday, more and more people commit themselves to veganism or pledge to use only vegan or cruelty-free products to combat animal cruelty and testing.
Despite widespread opposition to animal testing, many people are still unaware of its existence and its effects. This process was mandatory in the past; however, in this day and age, the scientific capabilities of the human race are far beyond the needs of animal testing, especially for cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Today, alternatives for animal testing include, but are not limited to, testing samples of human cells, using computer models and simulations, and testing adult stem cells taken from bone marrow.
Animal testing has been a topic of controversy for years, and it will likely remain this way for many more. In spite of this controversy, several American companies have chosen to take one step forward but two steps backward, prioritizing their profits over their ethical code.
Mary Kay, an American cosmetics company, was considered to be a pioneer in combatting animal-cruelty in the 1980s when the company renounced animal testing. This ended in 2012, when the company chose to begin business in mainland China. Chinese law requires that animal tests are done on imported cosmetics.
Burt's Bees, an American lip balm company, has a very similar story to Mary Kay. Despite being bought by Clorox (a company that is not cruelty-free) in 2007, Burt's Bees lip balm remained cruelty-free until early 2015, when they began selling products in mainland China.
Bath & Body Works, an American toiletries company, changed their stance on animal testing in 2014 when they announced that their products would be animal tested where required by law. Bath & Body Works has this testing done by a 3rd party company on their behalf.

Aside from the moral opposition to animal testing, there are also economic effects. By requiring imported cosmetics to conduct animal testing, the price of these American-made products increase for Chinese consumers. However, domestically-produced cosmetics (again, in China) do not have to perform tests on animals. Consequently, it costs Chinese consumers more to buy from American companies. This allows the Chinese government to interfere with free trade without actually imposing a tariff or embargo. Thus, they slow globalization and give an unfair advantage to Chinese companies and disguise this trade barrier as "keeping the Chinese public safe."

If the American people have been using these products, or a version of them, for over twenty years, would it not be reasonable to presume that the products are safe for human use? These are not medical breakthroughs, they are not life-saving vaccines. They are lash-enhancing mascaras and scented lip balms. Why, in the advanced world we live in, must we test these products on animals?

There is a responsibility that we as humans have and it is to protect those who cannot protect themselves--this does not exclude animals that are subject to use for testing cosmetics. This testing is senseless and unnecessary, and these companies should consider these facts before marketing in areas that require it. American values should be prioritized over the potential money in foreign markets.
There are countless other companies putting their wallets over their moral codes, including EOS, Victoria's Secret, MAC, Cover Girl, and many more. By supporting this petition, you aid in the effort to draw these companies' attention to the mistakes they are clearly making. Please consider this information with great sincerity and opt for cruelty-free products--not just "cruelty-free in one country" products.

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