Investigate child abuse in every public and private institution

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The Federal Government has recently announced a Royal Commission to investigate institutional child abuse. Providing that the government provide wide ranging terms of reference that includes all institutions and quarters of society, it will be supported by the Federal Parliamentary Opposition.

The Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard MP, and her government have taken the path of attack on religion under the guise of a serious and disgusting plague on our society. All good men and women, religious and secular, denounce child abuse and the violation of the vulnerable is not acceptable in any form.

While it is true and needs to be acknowledged that leaders of religious institutions have failed in taking far ranging action in response to the concerns of the injured, it cannot be disputed that through past investigations, these abuses occurred not just within one church.

Indeed, there have been detailed abuses within agencies and offices under government auspice, not to mention crimes perpetrated against the First Peoples of this land by the State itself.

We, the supporters of this petition, call upon the Government to give the Royal Commission far ranging terms of reference to include the investigation of abuse in all quarters of Australian society - government and non government - that will provide some justice for those many who have suffered and their families.

'Sorry' will never be enough, but only when the truth is uncovered shall there be the silence broken. A silence that has lived for too long.

Together, we march as one and demand the government act to condemn these acts, wherever and by whoever committed.

Survivors: come forward, stand tall and be supported. To those who have taken their lives as a result of the ghastly crimes committed upon them - you will not be absent in this process.

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