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Petitioning The Governor of CA

Demand the Revision, Strengthening, and Implementation of California's Sex-Offender Laws NOW

California's current laws governing sex-offenders fail to protect Californians. The laws are not as affective as they set out to be, in some cases not fully implemented/enforced. It is time that Californians unite together to create one central, strong voice that reaches every law maker in Sacramento to demand the revision, strengthening, and implementation of the laws governing sex-offenders to help prevent another child from being physically abuse, sexually abuse, or even worse...killed. Take action NOW to prevent these wrongful abuses/deaths, the most recent, Poway High School Senior Chelsea King, 17, of San Diego, CA.

Letter to
The Governor of CA
I'm writing you today because California's current laws governing sex-offenders are not as effective as they were intended to be and fail to protect Californian children. Regardless of the efforts of current legislation, there has been no significant change in the rate of sex-offenders physically abusing, sexually abusing, or even worse, killing innocent children. This is an ongoing issue that has affected various parents, siblings, grandparents, other family members, and communities again and again all over California. No matter how many times it happens, progressive change to help prevent these wrongful abuses/deaths never seems to come about.

I urge you to take action NOW to revise, strengthen, and implement better laws governing sex-offenders to provide a safer environment for all Californian children. I will not be silent as child after child is physically abused, sexually abused, or killed. This is an issue that has been ignored far too long and time has come to bring progressive change towards laws that provide better protection to society as whole.

I demand that the current sex-offender laws be revised, strengthened, and implemented in the most effective way possible to prevent any more unnecessary abuses/deaths.

The latest victim of this issue was Chelsea King. Chelsea was only 17 years old, a senior at Poway High School, when she went missing on February 25, 2010 after going for a run. Her body was found March 3, 2010 in a shallow grave near Lake Hodges after being attacked, raped, and murdered. Chelsea was a straight-A student who dreamed of changing the world, and while she is no longer able to do so with friends and family, her spirit will continue to be the change she wanted to make.

I urge you to help start changing California by focusing on this very important issue.
The safety of California’s children is in your hands. What will you do?