Demand the Reversal of the Unjust Conviction of Terence Rice and Order a Fair Trial Immediately

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• In 1991 Terence was sentenced to 75 years to life for a crime he did not commit
• He has been in prison for 28 years and 3 months
• He was charged with the attempted murder of 3 police officers
• Police claimed he was involved in gunfire from a 1st floor window with a group of men and then began shooting at them
• They claimed they shot back at him and then he climbed out of the same window and they immediately arrested him
• If this REALLY happened, how was Terence not injured or even killed by the police?? Surely the officers would have believed their lives were in imminent danger. We see this everyday nationwide
• No police officer was injured
• There were no property damages
• There actually was a shooting between two groups of men inside and in front of the building. However, the 1st floor window police claim Terence was in, is around the corner from the front of the building
• There is no physical evidence to support their claim of any shooting occurring at or from this window. There were no bullets, bullet markings, bullet fragments, bullet casings, spent shells, fingerprints, broken window glass, nothing
• Terence has maintained his innocence since the day of his arrest, and insists when he heard gunfire, he began running (like everyone else) and he was arrested
• People who were inside of the apartment insisted Terence was not there
• A private investigator (Robert Ledee) hired by Terence’s attorney (George Sheinberg), obtained affidavits from co-defendants and witnesses who said Terence was not in the apartment. Although witnesses were subpoenaed to court to testify, Mr. Sheinberg never presented the witnesses at trial
• His co-defendant was willing to testify; but was prevented from doing so
• At trial, each officer provided conflicting testimonies. One officer claimed Terence fired a handgun and a shotgun at them. The other 2 officers claimed he fired a handgun at them. If they were all standing together, how did the 2 officers miss seeing and hearing a shotgun? Isn’t it large and make lots of noise? What happened to the shotgun shells? None were recovered
• We are asking for your support by signing, sharing, and asking friends and family to sign and share this petition to get Terence released immediately!!!!

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