Demand the Electoral College vote in line with the popular vote.

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Once again, in the race for US President, the Popular Vote does not match the Pledged Electoral College votes.  The difference this time is that the candidate who "won" the election is widely viewed by many as unfit for office.  The Electoral College was specifically created in order to prevent a tyrannical demagogue like Trump from reaching the oval office but requires the Electors to vote against their pledge when they cast their vote on December 19th in each of their respective states.  Of the States that show Electoral Pledges for Trump, seventeen (17) of them are not bound by either state law or party pledge to cast their vote according to the pledges shown on election night.  This petition will be sent to the Office of the Federal Register, Director of Legal Affairs and Policy, Amy Bunk; as well as the Secretary of State of each state pledged for Donald Trump. 

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Details on how the electoral college is organized and its procedures:

A great summary of why the Electoral College was put in place by the founding fathers:

A pre-election article summarizing how the Electoral College could be our saving grace:

A post-election article summarizing our only options left:

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