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Demand the Dismissal of Animal Abuser at Shelter

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Shelter Employee HEATHER DOLLMAN cited for Second Incident of Animal Neglect.

Please sign this petition to demand Heather Dollman’s immediate dismissal from the Oregon Coast Humane Society in Florence, Oregon where she has held a paid position for 6-yrs. 

Heather Dollman is currently an Animal Care Technician at the Oregon Coast Humane Society (OCHS) and OCHS is refusing to terminate her employment after being cited in December 2017 for animal abuse. Heather Dollman was also found guilty of neglect in 2013. Since the December 2017 citation, Heather was simply “placed on leave pending investigation” by OCHS.

Follow link below to see pictures of the shelter animals being neglected and the horses being removed from Heather’s home earlier in December of 2017 along with news articles and status updates:

Allegations of neglect and abuse have come from multiple witness and state that Heather:

  • Disciplined her own dog at work, by slamming it on the hood of her car.
  • Blasted an air horn in the shelter as punishment for perceived animal misbehavior.
  • Has been overtly physical by grabbing scruff area of neck on dogs, i.e. choking and kneeing some in the chest area.
  • Was complicit in the refusal to render medical treatment and simple care for the animals, resulting in death by exposure of a dog in 2016, and continual illness in shelter animals.
  • Left her own dogs unattended in her vehicle without proper shade nor water.
  • Personally took home more than 6 dogs and several cats without paying adoption fees.
  • Was complicit in the refusal and dismissal of fosters for a pregnant dog which apparently led to the deaths of several shelter born puppies.
  • Allowed filthy litter box contents to be dumped on Shelter grounds in dog runs/yards/trails.  Dogs sick from exposure, and requests for medical attention were repeatedly declined.
  • Was complicit in the feeding of animals with rat infested food and neglecting to offer fresh water.
  • Dogs without beds and forced to sleep on concrete floor, some without a blanket, and for years with “limited” heat.
  • Was complicit in neglecting common sanitary practices by allowing animals to sit in their own feces, which caused staph infection in one dog and other skin conditions.

OCHS has had its own share of problems regarding abuse and neglect allegations.  You can read about one of the many news articles here:

You are urged to contact Tanya Garrett (OCHS Shelter Manager) by emailing: or calling the shelter at 541-997-4277.  By signing this petition, you’ll be telling the OCHS Board Members and Shelter Manager to terminate Heather Dollman immediately. 

List of Board Member names and email addresses:

Robert Bare

Ed Gervais

Diane Raven

Jackie Allen 

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