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Demand the American Red Cross and United Way stop installing dangerous ionization alarms.

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With each day, week,  month and years that pass, that these dangerous often deadly ionization alarms are in use, eventually 100’s of 1000’s more victims in U.S. and millions worldwide will either be killed or be injured, many with terribly painful disfiguring burns, requiring multiple skin grafts and years of rehabilitation and still have noticeable scarring for life.

The majority of these deaths and injuries could be prevented with safer more reliable photoelectric / heat detectors. Of the 3 countries that have banned these dangerous devices due to the radioactive content in them, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Netherlands have the lowest home fire death rates in the world. 

The UL rigged testing in the 1970's in order for ionization alarms to pass the smoldering smoke stage of test, to obtain UL seal of approval. Why ? They cost less to make vs. safer more reliable photoelectric alarms so more profit to manufactures!  The manufactures then falsely advertised and flooded the market with these dangerous alarms.

The American Red Cross & United Way and endorsers of the Red Cross Fire Safety Preparedness Campaign, which include the UL and NFPA, have knowingly been donating and installing only ionization alarms in homes.They do so despite both UL and NFPA and other endorsers officially recommending both photoelectric and ionization alarms be used on their websites, yet claim either type of alarm is efficient as a smoke sensor. This of course is not true and is the loophole Red Cross and United Way use to justify only installing the less expensive life endangering devices.

According to NFPA " Almost two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms." "Ninety-six percent of all homes in the United States have at least one smoke alarm, according to a 2010 telephone survey" with  approximately 90% in U.S. being ionization alarms according to other sources.

These statistics are an eye opener as they suggest that of the 2/3rds of deaths from home fires, the majority are from ionization smoke detectors that failed to sound alarm either because batteries were removed due to nuisance alarms from cooking or the alarms failed to detect smoldering smoke. Further, according to graph on NFPA website, even the fires where 52% of smoke detectors were operational accounted for 40% of the fire deaths which suggests the alarms did not sound warning siren early enough for safe evacuation. Note: Graph indicates no smoke alarm present in 27% of fires causing 37% of deaths which is very unlikely per the 96% statistic of all homes having at least one smoke alarm and suggests 27% of fires occur in only 4% of homes. That statistic makes about as much sense as recommending using both photoelectric and ionization alarms yet installing only ionization alarms which they know pose a risk to the people they donate them to.

The stated goal for the Red Cross Fire Safety Campaign

"The American Red Cross and its partners have launched an initiative that aims to reduce deaths and injuries caused by home fires by 25% in five years with the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign".

This goal, as the NFPA fire statistics above clearly suggests, will only be reached by eliminating the installation of ionization "Smoke" alarms by the American Red Cross, United Way and other charitable organizations and installing photoelectric and or photoelectric / heat alarms and making the general public around the world aware of the dangers of  these dangerous and often deadly devices.

Creating public awareness and installing photoelectric / heat alarms would likely exceed their current 25% goal by approximately 50% and cut the timeline of 5 years in half.

 How You Can Make A Difference:
1) Sign the Petition and help protect all your friends and family by sharing this petition on Facebook and Twitter and by word of mouth.

2) Properly Protect Your Family
We urge you to check your smoke alarms, whether or not they were installed as part of the American Red Cross's campaign, and if they are ionization, to immediately replace them with photoelectric / heat alarms which can be purchased online or from Most all Home Security Companies that provide monitored home alarms. If possible install fire sprinklers for best protection.

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Also See 4 minute slide show for more information regarding this petition and to join our effort to ban ionization alarms worldwide!

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