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The NAVIGATE Program Must Stop Lying To People About Psychosis!

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People experiencing psychosis and their family members face a tough situation, and they deserve to hear accurate information from the professionals who they turn to for help! 

With that in mind, we demand that the NAVIGATE Early Intervention in Psychosis Program immediately take action to correct the blatant misinformation currently contained in educational materials that are being provided to this vulnerable population.

A detailed description of the misinformation that needs to be corrected, how we know it is misinformation, and the consequences when people believe the misinformation that NAVIGATE is providing, is available at this link. 

This petition aims only to highlight some of the misinformation currently being provided, some of the most prominent examples of what needs to be changed.  For example, the following statements in the NAVIGATE Family Education Manual require correction:

  •  “Psychosis is nobody’s fault:   People do not cause it.” (p. 92)
  •  “Scientists believe that the symptoms are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.” (p. 101). 
  •  “Medications reduce biological vulnerability by helping to correct the chemical imbalance in the brain.” (p. 102). 

In addition, the following changes are also required in that same manual: 

  •  Professionals should not be asked to convince people that the only “legitimate” way of understanding their experience is as a “psychiatric disorder.” 
  • People should not be informed that the experience of psychosis proves or is a sure indication of the existence of a biological vulnerability.
  • People should not be led to believe that it has been determined that only a small minority of persons experiencing first episode psychosis can go on to live successfully without ongoing use of anti-psychotics.

 We demand that all NAVIGATE educational materials be swiftly corrected to accurately reflect what is and isn’t known about psychosis, its causes, and its possible treatments!

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