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Demand that the Danube Delta Horses are released to Animal welfare, not slaughterd

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As you sit here and read this, at this very moment a truck load of horses that until 48 hours ago roamed free in the Danube Delta region are on their way to the slaughter house. The usual nonsense excuses have been given by the local government such as the horses are suffering from Anaemia, that he horses are harming the local flora! Utter nonsense, just like in Botosani when the Mayor stated all the 220 dogs that were beaten to death last week were all diseased. He failed to realise that the bulk of those dogs had already been vaccinated and were within days ready to leave for countries in Europe, they were not diseased!

The alleged Anaemia and supposed destruction to local flora is enough for the Tulcea City hall to allow these horses to be brutally beaten to an inch of their lives with sticks so hard that their flesh is ripped from their bodies. They are pulled to the ground by ropes, kicked, punched and whipped. The brutality is so bad that pregnant mares have given birth to still born foals, forced from their mothers wombs by the pressure and the torture their mother is being forced to endure.



We as citizens of the United Nations and Europe can do two things. We can either sit back and not bother, let these horses go through living hell, finally to be killed by slaughterhouses across Romania and elsewhere where they will be bludgeoned to death, feeling every crack to their skulls, imprisoned in a box where they cannot escape,


We can actually do something about this. A great man once said " To know something is wrong and do nothing, is the worst cowardice of all" Gandhi

So the question I ask you now...are you a coward?

If not then follow if able all 7 actions below.

If you are a coward, then just sit on your backside and hope that one day, when you are in need of help, that others around you can spare a few moments to come to your aid. Whilst you are at it, thank your God that because even you have rights,that you will never have to go through what these horses are right now.


1 - Don't just sign this petition, please leave a comment. Every time you leave a comment it will be sent to all targets.

2 – Mass Email the contacts below telling them exactly what you think, or you can choose to use the generic letter I have copied below for your use. Either way, check the letter out as this may help you with structuring your own correspondence.

3 - Call and Fax the President of Tulcea Hall, leave messages for him,make sure he is aware that the international community is sickened by his governments latest excuse to slaughter animals within his province.

Tel. +40 240 511440
Fax. +40 240 517736

4 – Very Important..Share and cross post this petition anywhere you can think of. We want the world to respond to this within 24 hours.

5 - If you are able to offer the Animal welfare group any assistance,whether this is to re home one of these horses,or are able to make a donation allowing them to buy the horses and to treat them afterwards, please let the group know. They need to be in a position to offer more than the torturers would get from the slaughter houses. Yes every penny counts, so contact them and do what you can. You can contact the Animal Welfare group who is out there right now trying to save these horses – Call Veronica on 0040723387203. If she is unable to answer, leave a message..

6 – If you are a citizen of Europe, search for your local MEP by Clicking Here, and telling them as a citizen of Europe you demand that they make enquiries on yoru behalf of the City Hall of Tulcea and the Romanian Government in relation to the horses of Danube Delta and that you demand on your behalf that the horses are released into the care of the local Animal Welfare group or released back into the wild after the group have tended to the animals medical needs, inflicted by the City Halls Torturers.

7 - Email personally the Slaughter houses involved ( See below for email addresses) deter them from killing the horses. If the government are saying the horses are diseased, would you really want your meat coming from a slaughter house that has had diseased animals in there? Write this to them in your own words. Tell them international media will be covering the events and what a negative impact this will have on their business in regards to alleged diseased animals, but also the cruelty involved with this particular subject. Maybe they should be thinking long term rather than short term in regards to the impact their companies part in the killing of these horses would have on there company profits!

UPDATE: If the Government is telling the truth, then why are they intending to sell the meat to Italy for human consumption? Click here to read

Slaughter House Email Addresses:,,


Mass Email to Tulcea Town Hall and Romanian Government: , , , , , , ,, , , , , srp@mmediu , , , ,


Generic Letter to City Hall & Romania Government:

To whom it may concern

Reference: Proposed mass slaughter of Horses in Danube Delta

Please note I have chosen to send you this generic correspondence as it wholly echoes my opinion and beliefs in this matter and is to be treated in the same regard as if I had written the entirety of this correspondence personally.

It has been learnt today through the international network that the City Hall of Tulcea City Hall has given permission for the brutal and horrific round up of horses from the Danube Delta region.

May I remind you that if this mass slaughter goes ahead that the government workers who represent the Romanian Government in that area are in direct violation of European Animal Welfare laws, and by breeching such agreements the Romanian Government as is the Tulcea President themselves are acting criminally, and the European citizens will be petitioning the European parliament demanding for a review of Romania’s status within the EU and an investigation into monies received by your government by that parliament.

You simply cannot sweep away this proposed massacre away with the pathetic excuse that the horses have anaemia, or that they are damaging the local flora. I am afraid that simply is not good enough to sanction what is turning out to be a bloody massacre and torture of equines. The brutal handling and horrific treatment of these animals has led to many mares giving birth to dead foals, horses with flesh fallen away form their limbs sustained from the whips and sticks of your workers. No , I am afraid there is no excuse that your Town Hall nor the Romanian Government could possibly give for these actions.

I as do thousands of others both from Romania and from across the globe demand that the horses are released into the care of the local Animal Welfare organisation attempting to help them, they then are to be released back into the wild, or be be given over for adoption by horse enthusiasts who will take care of their needs.

Under no circumstances is this horrific slaughter to go ahead, the European and International community is already rising up against you, these types of actions will only weaken your position within the European and International community and media, and in-turn the parliaments and Governments that represent the communities within them.

You are forcing your hand to an extent where the people who these governments and parliaments represent will demand you be removed as an EU member and along with this the Billions of Euros your country claims and is given each year by those same Governments.

In regards to the chosen slaughter houses that will be undertaking this horrific task, may I also ask what type of company allows alleged diseased animals into their work place where meat for consumption is being handled?


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