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Demand that Specialty Veterinary Hospitals Take Responsibility for Infecting Pets with MRSA

For sometime now veterinary specialty hospital have infected pets with MRSA during surgical procedures.  They have refused to take responsibility and to clean up their act, unlike human hospital that have been working at reducing the rate of infection.  They need to wash their hands after handling each pet, disinfect by spraying or wiping instruments such as stethoscopes, scissors, etc., tables, guernies, floors and surgical equipment .  All those involved in the surgical procedure need to wear masks, gowns  and gloves.

The respective state licensing boards do not take action unless they receive several complaints, what this magic number is no one knows.  The AVMA protects its members rather than the patients their members have taken an oath to treat.  The AAHA does not take action because their members pay for accreditation.

Pets infected have died and those that survive spend the rest of their lives taking medications for resulting complications.  These specialty veterinary hospitals refuse to take responsibility and tell pets' owners that the MRSA bacteria had to be on the pet's skin not in their facilities or staff.   Pets' owners have the additional expense for further surgery in the attempt to save the pet's life. 

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Letter to
American Veterinary Medical Association
American Animal Hospital Association
AVMA, AAHA, Governor's Veterinary Board:

For sometime specialty veterinary hospitals have caused the death or life-long complications by infecting pets with MRSA. Furthermore, they have refused to take responsibility and have even accused pets' owners of being the cause.

Unlike human hospitals that have been slowly taking steps to correct this epidemic, animal hospitals
are in denial and your refusal to act by enforcing standards to prevent further incidents have now created a horrendous situation for pets and their owners to the point of causing the potential spread to other pets and humans.

You need to suspend licenses and accreditations, inform the public and mandate that these institutions do right by their patients and their owners not only by taking responsibility but by taking measures to prevent future incidents even if this is accomplished through third parties with the necessary expertise.

Profiting by causing death or life-long complications is contrary to the oath of healing taken by your members/licensees and exposes other pets and the public-at-large to life threatening MRSA infection.

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