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Petitioning Seth MacFarlane

Demand that Seth MacFarlane make a public accounting for his foreknowledge of the Boston Bombing

The Family Guy show aired an episode (S11E15 - Turban Cowboy) on March 17th, 2013 that portrayed obvious and distasteful jokes about a national tragedy that would not happen for another month. The references were not coincidental, they were foreknowledge hidden in plain sight. There are other clear indications that the Boston Bombing was planned by criminal elements who held power over the Boston police force and could organize drills and tragedy protocols. Demand that Seth MacFarlane publicly accounts for how he had this inside knowledge and apologize to the victims for joking about their deaths a month before they happened.

Letter to
Seth MacFarlane
Tell the world how you knew that the Boston Marathon would be bombed twice. The references in your show are not coincidental, they are purposeful. Not only are they in the "Turban Cowboy" episode of Family Guy, they are also hidden in the April 14th episode of American Dad. This is distasteful. Redeem yourself by sacrificing your security and admitting to having foreknowledge handed to you by criminal elements. Name them, or their organization, publicly. You have the power to serve justice by letting people know that the real perpetrators are not whoever the mainstream media will blame this on. If you want to make a positive impact on the world, this is your opportunity, this is your chance.