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Demand that President Obama continue to support the ban on global whaling

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A group of countries (including the United States) are currently working to come up with a "deal" that could legalize commercial whaling for the first time since the moratorium began in 1986 under President Ronal Reagan.

Every American president has reasserted our nation's strong leadership role in the fight to save whales.

But now, President Obama is leaning towards supporting support a plan that will reintroduce legalized commercial whaling - this despite his campaign assurances that he would strengthen protections for whales.

Bloody Waters

As proposed, this plan would overturn the ban on commercial whaling and bloody the waters of the Southern Ocean Sanctuary by:

* Approving the killing of whales for commercial purposes by Japan around Antarctica and in the North Pacific

* Officially opening the Southern Ocean Sanctuary to whaling, reversing the IWC's own protections adopted in 1994

* Adding new rights for Japan to slaughter whales for profit in its coastal waters

* Allow continued whaling by Iceland and Norway in violation of long-agreed scientific procedures and the global whaling ban.

Please contact the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111 and leave the following message:
"President Obama: Stop the sellout and save the whales!"

Additionally, please sign the petition below requesting that President Obama and Congress adhere to the current ban on global whaling.

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