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Demand that Mitt Romney Disavow NOM's Hateful, Homophobic Strategy

Secret strategy memos from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) reveal that they are actively seeking to "drive a wedge" between the African-American and LGBT communities in order to advance their agenda.

In 2008, Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney donated $10,000 to NOM in an effort to reinvent himself as a "conservative" and he has since maintained close ties with the ultra-conservative organization.

Mitt Romney has made a lot of backroom deals with the extreme right wing in order to win the Republican nomination. We need to hold him accountable as a candidate for president of the United States for backing hateful and bigoted organizations like NOM.

Sign our petition now -- demand that Mitt Romney disavow NOM's hateful strategy and instead bet on equal rights for all Americans.

Click here for more information on Mitt Romney's history with NOM.

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