Federal & Local Law Enforcement: Arrest R. Kelly!!

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After the airing of “Surviving R. Kelly” on Lifetime, the world is now aware of the various criminal acts of Robert Sylvester Kelly.  These crimes include but are not limited to statutory rape, sexual assault, assault and battery. There are also a number of women who have been missing since 2016 due to their involvement with R. Kelly.  Eye witnesses have reported seeing women on R. Kelly’s properties living in a cult-like setting, secluded in rooms, denied food and coerced and/or forced into sexual activity with Mr. Kelly and other individuals (some of whom were/are under age).  

Victims and their family members HAVE ALREADY made complaints to local police departments in Illinois, New York, Georgia, California and Texas, as well as to the FBI. However, either the complaints are falling on deaf ears, or law enforcement does not find these complaints important enough.  Sign the petition to ask local and federal law enforcement to investigate the complaints of sexual assault, free the women being held in his confines, arrest R. Kelly and bring justice to the victims and their families.