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Jeffrey Nally, Jr. was arrested on charges of misdemeanor domestic battery, felony kidnapping and twenty-nine counts of felony animal cruelty. He held his former girlfriend hostage, physically and sexually abusing her in Hancock County, West Virginia.

But these acts didn't give Nally enough satisfaction. He proceeded to obtain dogs, mostly puppies, from free ads and torture them in front of the captive woman. Using bare hands, hammers, drills, guns and other weapons, Nally mutilated and then killed twenty-nine puppies. He then forced his prisoner to clean up the mess.

Three puppies were found alive and rescued from the house after police arrested Nally. They were scheduled for the same fate as the others.

Nally has previously been convicted of domestic battery. Violations of convictions from gun charges resulted in Nally being placed under house confinement.

Chief Deputy Todd Murray has seen his fair share of gruesome situations over the years, but never something as horrendous as this. He believes that it will be only a matter of time before Nally moves from animals to killing people.

Join the growing community of people asking the First District Court and Prosecuting Attorney James Davis for stiff sentencing by signing this petition.

You can also contact them directy by writting a letter and sending it to the following:

James W. Davis, Jr
Hancock County Prosecutor Office
P.O. Box 924
New Cumberland, WV 26047

Brenda Jackson, Circuit Clerk
P.O. Box 428
New Cumberland, WV 26047

Photo Credit: Jerry Frausto

Letter to
First Circuit Court Clerk Brenda Jackson
Hancock County Prosecuting Attorney James W Davis, Jr.
The trial of Jeffrey Nally, Jr. reminds us of the link that exists between animal abuse and domestic violence. The extreme lengths that Nally went to in order to cause suffering for his female victim by torturing dogs is evidence that this man needs to receive a stiff sentence. Twenty-nine dogs were brutally killed by Nally, the majority of them defenseless puppies.

Nally has a history of domestic battery, having been convicted in 2010. He violated terms of other convictions, leading him to be placed under house confinement. These actions show that Nally has not been rehabilitated by his previous crimes and has a disregard for the law.

During his confinement, Nally managed to hold a woman hostage and lure people to his house and drop of their dogs, believing that Nally would provide the pets a loving home.

A minimum sentence would reinforce Nally’s belief that he does not have to place himself responsible for his actions. Hancock County Chief Deputy Todd Murray believes that it is only a matter of time before Nally gets bored with killing animals and moves on to killing humans. Nally already threatened to kill police officers, himself and his kidnapping victim.

While we cannot punish a man for crimes he has not committed, the court can take into consideration Nally’s history of disregarding the law and harming other women.

I support a stiff sentence for the misdemeanor and felony counts Nally faces and respectfully request that the First District Court does the same. As a state in the top tier for animal protection laws, West Virginia needs to send a message that the cruel torture of twenty-nine dogs will not be tolerated.

Thank you,

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